Our story

Established in 1985, Samsung SDS is generally recognized as the number 1 IT Company in Korea today.

Using our innovative IT technology, in 2010, we developed an integrated logistics IT platform called ‘Cello’ and began in 2012 with our freight forwarding and contract logistics activities.

With the unique combination of advanced logistics processes and technologies, we are determined to be one of the foremost logistics service providers with a diversified and balanced customer portfolio.

The regional head quarter for the EU/CIS region is located in Delft, the Netherlands, but with 17 sites throughout EU/CIS we provide a dedicated and strong regional network.

Our core values

Warehousing and Distribution

Based on our warehousing footprint of over 400.000 square metres for storage and distribution services and our extensive experience, we are able to provide tailor made logistics solutions for a variety of customers in our branches within the EU/CIS region.

These tailor made logistics solutions are developed in such a way that our customers can solely focus on their core business, while we take care of their supply chain with ‘Cello’ as the integrated logistics IT platform. 

As an innovative logistics service provider we are always looking for new colleagues to strengthen our Operational, Innovation, Business development and Account management teams to further optimize our logistics processes and therefore contribute to the growth and success of our organization.


Our corporate services such as, Finance, HR, IT, Legal and Marketing are widely used within our EU/CIS organization and support all 17 branches within their field of expertise.